TEAMX® provides leaders information on team characteristics, people's mood, perception of performance and expert advice on what steps to take to improve, identified by the artificial intelligence algorithm.

TEAMX® has been designed for you, the team leader. That’s why it will allow you to be a professional and experienced team leader, as you already are in the other aspects of your job.

The latest research in neuroscience helps us understand how our actions are governed by our body's chemistry. This chemistry is influenced by what we are looking at, how we interpret what we see and how we react. Neuroscience explains something extremely interesting about our interactions with the world around us: our perceptions are more real than reality itself!
In fact, different people often see the same thing differently.

TEAMX® takes into account the fact that people see things differently. The questionnaires, the algorithm and the reports were all created with the team at the center! Thanks to the report set, teams are able to understand the differences between people and work together with mutual adaptation and superior performance.

TEAMX® supports your feelings and perceptions with data from a powerful algorithm based on artificial intelligence.

We must make it clear that the algorithm does not replace your judgment, but wants to be a support to improve the efficiency of your decisions.

Professor Kahneman, that is the winner of the Nobel Prize in 2002, said during the People Analytics conference at Warthon: “Use algorithms!” (click here to see the whole interview).


The artificial intelligence algorithm is the heart of the TEAMX® process. It leverages the most powerful machine learning algorithms and combine them with expert advice, so it achieve the highest level of accuracy in forecasting team performance. The algorithm is coded entirely in Python and uses external libraries including Numpy, Scipy and Scikit-Learn, and was also generated from an international database of over 80,000 people.

How can we define a team? Is it a simple group of individuals? We know that when it comes to people, 1 + 1 can give 1, 2 or even 3, it depends on the dynamics! Unfortunately, many organizations, when it comes to teams, only consider the sum of individuals’ skills.


TEAMX® didi his job.

The model was validated using a database of over 80,000 people from over 50 states. The questionnaire has passed the three rounds of the validation test and it has been used in important researches. Based on team members and performance outcomes, TEAMX® presents well-crafted statistics to the leader for an immediate use. In particular, the questionnaire was validated using factor analysis and the Cronbach alpha coefficient was found to be in a variable range between 0.63 and 0.81, showing a satisfying degree of reliability.

Yes, all the questionnaires are anonymous! The individual answers are elaborated together so the reports show only the perception of the team as a whole.

It depends on the tool and reports you are planning to use.

Contact us, we will find the solution that best suits your needs!

The ideal number of team members is from 4 to 10.
A team, by definition, must be made of at least 2/3 people. A team where the number is very large is hardly a team. Nevertheless, if it serves to communicate a sense of unity, it is possible to use TEAMX® even with a large number of people.

The team leaders are the one that decide who to involve in the team. They can also decide to involve external consultants, or whoever collaborate on a stable basis with the team.

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